Some Simple rules

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Some Simple rules

Post by King Arks on Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:33 pm

Welcome to Colonies of Gold, first and foremost we don't have to many rules aside from being a nice person to others and attempt to be helpful, this is a roleplaying forum made by solely by me as a attempt to gain more popularity for a game I plan to make down the line.
Colonies of Gold is a world created by you, while the map and the land you own was already decided all the kingdoms, people and history will be made by you and possibly you'll do some of the greatest things on this forum, during the roleplaying to help with this everything will be open world freeform unless your dealing with 'mechanics' say to speak, for example.
"Two realms Realmia and Realmlo have been allies for many years and Realmia's king has died, after many decisions the two realms have merged into one. "
The act of deciding to merge and people's reactions isn't a mechanics, the act of merging itself is. Pretty much anything that will drastically change the world including war requires a admin or moderator to roll dice or make sure things are recorded.
Now that I explained the most important rule here are some generals.

1.Be nice
2.Be helpful
3.Don't cheat
4. Really don't cheat.

That is all thank you.

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